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All US Tax Forms Filed

Tax refunds TAFS LLC is very unique in the Central Florida marketplace. We deliver solid tax advice and expertise in a local personable firm setting. We accomplish this because TAFS LLC is a leader in leveraging IT for business needs and finding the best solutions for your situation. We work in an entrepreneurial manner to deliver value to our clients. We provide clients with deep technical tax consulting expertise and a wide range of tax services specific to their industry. By having direct access to senior management, our clients receive customized solutions to their business needs. 


NEW! this year for income  Tax Returns:

Free IRS E-File with all returns (our firm has the IRS approval to E-File):

  • direct deposit from the IRS
  • check sent from the IRS
$0 Out-of-Pocket Fees:
  • convenience for all
  • modest $10-20 fee to have your Tax Preparation fees withheld from the refund
  • Peace of mind knowing you can stay in compliance with the tax laws and not have to pay anything out of pocket
Powerful Tax Planning Tool available

Today’s business environment is constantly changing. Effective business and tax planning allows our clients to take full advantage of significant economic opportunities and achieve substantial tax savings. TAFS tax advisers keep clients appraised of new legislation with innovative and knowledgeable answers on tax planning and compliance that can favorably impact the bottom line.

Our tax department addresses client tax preparation and tax planning needs and provides a variety of tailored services. This means you can expect total involvement in your financial life, and always a prompt response to your tax planning needs. Tax return preparation and other compliance services are an essential part of the tax practice, and it’s important that we have a solid understanding of your core business in order to know how to maximize your tax saving opportunities. We have concentrated our efforts on working with small businesses, corporate, partnership, and high-net-worth individuals. This enables us to provide quality services, timely services, and creative individual tax services for our clients.


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